It has been an amazing journey from military to visual arts. Although I have been a visual artist all my life, it wasn’t until I retired from the U.S. Army in 2014 that I really devoted myself to creating important paintings.

         To me, my artwork is as important as my military career. As a service member, I was driven by the desire to be part of something greater than myself and to contribute the protection of our freedoms. That road was filled with pain, loneliness, horrors, and also pride and satisfaction.

         My new art career is blossoming from a deep well of information, emotions, and wisdom gathered together in my mind and soul over many decades. This journey is a way to distill the many experiences I have had into knowledge and intuition for others to embrace or not.

         I seek to penetrate truths in my art and to focus on contrasts in life. The physical reality of polar opposites or positive and negative forces helps shape the way I see life in some ways. The importance of duality and how communication, the source of all real understanding, flows between and around humans in society.

         I also like to celebrate the sheer beauty and simplicity found in line and color. Beauty for beauty’s sake is a cliché but an important reminder that even the mundane has something special to offer to patient observer.

         My team consists of Ray Medeiros and Aman Dudeja. Ray is my Art Manager and accomplished at advertising, marketing, and career mentorship. Aman is responsible for the incredible look, functionality, and features of the website. Together we are presenting to you my first series of paintings ever seen by the public and offered for purchase.

         This series entitled, “LA Urban Landscapes” is based on my belief that the Los Angeles urban environment is full of exquisite architecture. Although, the city is not known for the beauty of its urban environment like San Francisco, there is much to admire with an open eye and heart.

         In this series, I have focused on portraying the color and line of the built environment, as much as, the architectural outline.

         I hope you enjoy this series and I look forward to offering to you many more in the future. In time, you will find that I have multiple styles of painting. Some more abstract than others.


T. Vance Thompson