When I was growing up in the corporate world, I always had a boss, in fact, layers of bosses. They would layer them on like cockroaches at a Hoot-n-Annie. The more the merrier was the motto of the day. However, I moved up the ladder very quickly.

Not sure why I eased into corporate life, my mother worked three jobs to care for me by herself. She always told me with a stern look, “You are going to college”. She would pucker up my lips and come close with her large blue eyes and say, “Repeat after me. I will. Go. To. College!” I was mesmerized by her and her hard ass attitude toward life. However, that was only when I was very much older. I digress.

So, I was around 23 and I was working at a very large real estate management company in the South Bay. My bosses were two very-fucking hot women in their early 40’s. I was already married to a 5”01” piece of dynamite and fur so smooth you have an orgasm on the spot. That’s probably why the two never interested me^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^”What the fuck am I saying!!!!!! Those two bitches would find reasons to call me into their very spacious and luxurious office (007). When I arrive, one of them, the brunette, is leaning back on a velvet lounge chair. The other, the real boss, was blond and not very good looking but she had a very large nose that did not appeal to me. SHOOT TORPEDOES….****She would look me up and down, like a piece of meat. I would stand in my suit and tie, looking them both in the eyes and saying, “Yes” while wincing.

So back to the matter at hand:

I want to talk about the effects that vacant bosses can create. You feel lost and alone. You feel no real connections with co-workers. You know you must adapt and multi-task even better than your dad. They blow a hole in your courage to strive for the stop spot.

I taught Army JROTC for seven years. The worst, by far, was the remote year. It was one of the most traumatic events in my life and I’ve been in combat. Those children were lost from day one. However, thru the perseverance of their families, they bought hot spots, and the district provided Chrome Books. But this did not, and never could, alter the trajectory of the school year. The children were lost in their own worlds. They lived in homes occupied by two, or three, separate families. Suddenly, in the middle of the day, kids had their bedroom to themselves. Stuff must have gone on! I really don’t want to know.

There is a direct line from vacant parents to vacant bosses. Our younger generations are, aware, of this and many other truths. These people refuse to let the corporate world sap their vital energies, like __________ in Dr. Strangelove.

Our nation works better when the human touch and sensitivity are not exempt from the workplace. They have seen the light. They remember the days when you would come home at 10:00 from the office; then tiptoe into the back hall where your, blue shone hallo of curtains elaborated the walls behind you and into your bedroom. They, boy and girl, would say to themselves, “There comes the brightest, strongest, knight that ever lived”.